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Kérdésed van? Keress minket! :) +362835286 | info@paradisevisage.com H-P 9.00-13.00

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Paradise Visage - Essence Collection

ESPRESSO BROWN, lightweight lash extensions, to create faboulus looks. The green sticky adhesive tape makes fanning easy, you will not loose time anymore.
Perfect curls, uniform thicknesses... you will love them! :)

Essence 0.07 lashes are mainly for 2-4D volume sets, but they are also perfect to create a truly elegant 1D classic looks. On strong and long natural eyelashes they can also be used also for 5D volume applications.

Espresso brown color is a great choice to enhance the beauty of particular eye colors, and it's also perfectly suitable for people with blonde and red hair. Let your imagination run free and create a "wow" effect!

Available lenghts from 0.07, CC curl:
- 20 lines MIX 7-13mm ( 7x1, 8x2, 9x3, 10x4, 11x4, 12x4, 13x2 )
- 16 lines MINI MIX 7-8mm (7x8, 8x8)
- 16 lines ONE SIZE 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm

Extraordinary lashes for wonderful looks!

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