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Kérdésed van? Keress minket! :) +362835286 | paradisevisage@gmail.com H-P 9.00-13.00

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...this clear glue will enchant you!

Our current Pearl adhesives were manufactured in November 2021.

Speed: super fast drying
Viscosity: liquid
Strength: extra strong

Ideal temperature: 19-25°C
Ideal humidity: 30-60%

It can be used also in different conditions, taking into consideration the possible changes in it's viscosity and drying speed.

Clear glue, perfect also for colorful lashes. We recommend it mainly for experienced lash-stylists, as the quantity of glue is less visible than in case of black glues, and the super fast drying time require fast movements. It is not the most suitable glue for ambients with high humidity.

Paradise Pearl adhesive is suitable both for classic and volume techniques.

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