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Kérdésed van? Keress minket! :) +362835286 | info@paradisevisage.com H-P 9.00-13.00

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...this glue will surprise you!

Our current Present adhesives were manufactured in September 2021.

Speed: medium 
Viscosity: medium
Strength: strong

Ideal temperature: 23-28°C
Ideal humidity: 50-70%

It can be used also in different conditions, taking into consideration the possible changes in it's viscosity and drying speed.

Sensitive glue, for sensitive eyes.We recommend using it in high temperature and humidity, to achieve a fast and strong bond. It contains less % of cianoacrylate then the non sensitive types, so it is less irritant. It's less likely to cause allergy. Extra tip: use nanomist spray every 20-30 minutes during work, to help polymerization, and decrease the risk of an allergic reaction.

Paradise Present adhesive is suitable both for classic and volume techniques.

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